Generally, there is no need to prime any of the micro pumps from the mp6 series. As they’re self-priming there are no preparations needed before usage.

The testing conditions are:

  • suction pressure < 10 mbar
  • DI water
  • settings mp-x: 100 Hz, 250V, SRS

Normally the mp6 series is able to prime even with higher suction pressures. If, for any reason, you need to prime the pump manually, we have a short tutorial for the following steps on our YouTube.


  • mp6 and micro pump control (e.g. mp-x)
  • clean tubes
  • clamp
  • syringe
  • water

Step 1: run the pump at max settings and clamp down the inlet tubing

Step 2: create a vacuum inside the pump by pulling the syringe on the outlet

Step 3: remove the clamp, keep the vacuum while opening

Step 4: remaining air will now exit the pump and it is properly primed

Also use the contact form on our website to get in touch if you need further instructions.

Priming the mp6 micropump series

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