mp6-EVA Board Driven Externally

Q Can the mp6-EVA board be driven by an external CLOCK signal?

A As described in the mp6 manual the mp6‑OEM onboard the mp6‑EVA can be driven by an external CLOCK signal. The resulting pump-frequency will be a quarter of the original CLOCK signal. Please take into account to set the pulse-width of the frequency (duty cycle) at a level of 95% when operating at pump-frequencies lower than 25 Hz. The CLOCK signal has to be rectangular in shape. The high-level should be between 1.3 V and 5.0 V; the low-level between 0 V and 0.3 V.

Using a burst-mode to generate small reproducible dosings is also possible. By sending a burst sequence to the CLOCK input of the mp6‑EVA the mp6 generates a defined number of pump pulses. As a result the pumped volume will have the same amount with each burst.

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