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In medical technology, devices are mostly connected to each other via Luer or Luer-Lock connectors.

The Luer system is a standardized connection system for those systems. The customary used terms are “male – female” or “m – f”. While the simple Luer connection is comparable to a standard grounding plug (m) and a standard grounding sleeve (f) in miniature format. The Luer-Lock connection also has a locking function. The connection is fixed by a slight rotation and also loosened accordingly.

The Luer system guarantees compatibility between different manufacturers and is internationally standardized.

On demand our micropump is now also available with the medical connections, so it is easy to produce tightness and the compatibility with the requirements in medical technology is guaranteed.

Connectors made of stainless steel:


Version E.1                                                  Version E.2                                           Version E.3

Connectors made of plastics:


Version K.1                                                     Version K.2                                         Version K.3

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