Priming the mp6 micropump series

Generally, there is no need to prime any of the micro pumps from the mp6 series. As they’re self-priming there are no preparations needed before usage.

The testing conditions are:

  • suction pressure < 10 mbar
  • DI water
  • settings mp-x: 100 Hz, 250V, SRS

Normally the mp6 series is able to prime even with higher suction pressures. If, for any reason, you need to prime the pump manually, we have a short tutorial for the following steps on our YouTube.


  • mp6 and micro pump control (e.g. mp-x)
  • clean tubes
  • clamp
  • syringe
  • water

Step 1: run the pump at max settings and clamp down the inlet tubing

Step 2: create a vacuum inside the pump by pulling the syringe on the outlet

Step 3: remove the clamp, keep the vacuum while opening

Step 4: remaining air will now exit the pump and it is properly primed

Also use the contact form on our website to get in touch if you need further instructions.

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