A Guide on Bartels’ Micropumps

Depending on the very different factors, changes of an application can vary greatly.  Bartels offers a whole range of micro pumps, each and every one designed to perfectly fit your specific needs.

Starting with the mp5, the smallest and lightest pump available. Its low power consumption and tiny size makes the mp5 the perfect pump to be fully integrated into your product´s design. As made of one piezo inside the housing, the mp5 has a limited bubble tolerance, but if size is a challenging factor, then the mp5 is the right choice.

The mp6 series features four micro pumps in total. The mp6 is Bartels’ standard pump for applications using water, the mp6-AIR perfectly transports any sort of gas, while the mp6-pp is made of polypropylene, hence its resistance against aggressive mediums. In terms of resistance the mp6-pi is less fragile regarding ethanol and methanol.

For more detailed information about different pump types have a look at our comparison charts. The PDF file will provide you an overview about all micro pumps which are currently available at Bartels. You’ll also find all of Bartels’ pump controllers at a glance.

If you still have questions, do not hesitate to visit our website. Use the contact form for any unanswered questions you may have.

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