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In cooperation with our partners 2E mechatronic and the Hahn Schickard Gesellschaft (HSG), Bartels Mikrotechnik is currently developing the project MiMID-Flow. The project is supported by ZIM (Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand), a funding program for small and medium sized enterprises which want to develop new or significantly improve existing products. Lead partner for the project is the AiF Projekt GmBH.

In MiMID-Flow the Mi stands for (piezo) micro membrane pump – our mp6. MID technology (MID – Mechatronic Integrated Devices) enables the integration of various different functions, including electric and fluidic, in three-dimensional shaped circuit carriers.

photo: 3D-Mid

With low energy consumption and its’ remarkable size (3.8 mm in height) the Bartels Mikrotechnik mp6 pump perfectly suits a whole range of applications. Because of media separation to the driver unit without using elastomeric seals, every component in contact with the conveyed medium is made of one material. Depending on the pump it is either PPSU (standard mp6 micro pump), PI (mp6-pi) or PP (mp6-pp)

The flow rate of a pump is dependent on the backpressure. Due to common function and use, it shows maximum flow rates without backpressure whereas maximum backpressure leads to no flow at all. Previous solutions were tolerating this behavior or building a fixed system with separate pump and flow sensor. Regarding the overall function this combination is difficult and significantly higher in cost. Applications like mobile drug dosage demand complex systems like our MiMID-Flow project.

Our aim with the MiMID-Flow project is to incorporate a flow sensor into the mp6 micro pump to create a regulated piezo micro membrane pump. With MiMID-Flow the pump and flow sensor are merged into one unit. Hence the mp6 micro pump is extended and pump and sensor have the same connection. Only the floor element (made of PA) will be in media contact. The electrical function – the MID technology – is located in the cover element. By integrating a click mechanism both parts can easily be joined.

Bartels is providing the fluidic floor element with an integrated piezo actuator as well as the control units for the piezo. Also Bartels develops the calibration and regulation of the micro pump using the flow sensors measuring signal.

We are looking for a maximum flow rate of 7 ml/min and maximum backpressure of 60 kPa after the project is completed.





For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. All our social media accounts are linked below. Use the contact form on our website if you are interested in purchasing our pumps.

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