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Laryngeal cancer is also known as cancer of the larynx or laryngeal carcinoma. Laryngeal cancer are mostly squamous cell carcinomas, reflecting their origin from the skin of the larynx.

Basically the cancer can develop in any part of the larynx, but the cure rate is affected by the location of the tumor. For the purposes of tumor staging, the larynx is divided into three anatomical regions:

  • the glottis (true vocal cords, anterior and posterior commissures)
  • the supraglottis (epiglottis, arytenoids and aryepiglottic folds, and false cords)
  • the subglottis

Laryngeal cancer may spread by direct extension to adjacent structures, by metastasis to regional cervical lymph nodes, or more distantly, through the blood stream. Distant metastases to the lung are most common.

Treatment depends on the location, type, and stage of the tumor and may involve surgery, radiotherapy, or chemotherapy, alone or in combination. This is a specialized area which requires the coordinated expertise of ear, nose and throat surgeons (Otorhinolaryngologists) and Oncologists. A severely affected patient may require a laryngectomy, the complete or partial removal of the vocal cords.*

After surgery a tracheal cannula may be needed, as patients eventually can’t breathe on their own. A cannula that can fully block the trachea – also called cuff – is needed in cases of long-term ventilation or swallowing difficulties and regulates increased pressure or pressure drops. Using a cuff, no air will enter the upper airways and secretions won’t enter the lower respiratory tract.

The cuff regularly needs to me refilled with air to regulate the pressure issues mentioned above. This can either be done manually or with a cuff controller.

The Bartels mp6-AIR micro pump can be used for air transportation in such a controller. Our pump is simple, durable and reliable and therefore perfectly suits this important medical application with its precision. 


Technical specifications of the mp6-AIR

Order code: mp6-AIR
Pump type: piezoelectric diaphragm pump
Number of actuators: 2
Dimensions without connectors: 30 x 15 x 3.8 mm, 1.1811 x 0.5906 x 0.1498 in.
Weight: 2 g
Fluidic connectors: barbed tube clip,(outer diameter 1.9 mm, length 3.5 mm)
Electric connector: flex connector 1.25 mm pitch
Power consumption: ~ 150 mW 6
Self-priming: yes
Pumping media: gases
Operating temperature: 0 – 70°C
Life time: 5000 h 6
IP code: IP 33 4
Material in contact with media: polyphenylene sulphone (PPSU) 5
Suitable evaluation controller: mp-x, mp6-EVA, mp6-OEM, mp6-QuadEVA, mp6-QuadOEM and mp6-QuadKEY

Typical values of flow and back pressure for selected media (values defined with mp-x: 300 Hz, 250 V, SRS)

typ. volume flow: 20 ml/min (300 Hz)
typ. back pressure: 100 mbar  (300 Hz) 6

*source: Wikipedia

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