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We have looked back on 2017, now it is time to look forward to what is to come in 2018. We are always working on new and innovative projects and make sure to keep you updated, for now we want to focus on two projects we are completing this year.

MiMID Flow

We already wrote about MiMID Flow back in 2017, you can find more information about the project itself here. It is a flow control project combining our mp6 micro pump with a flow sensor; the resulting product is a regulated micro pump with the specifications as the mp6:  a maximum flow rate of 7 ml/min and maximum backpressure of 60 kPa. The MiMID Flow project is expected to be completed in mid-2018.

An innovative air pump

Our mp6 micro pump is remarkably small and efficient, yet we still aim for more. We are working on a new air pump that will eventually promote 10-30 times more air with a maximum backpressure that is at least 10 times higher. In numbers: about 200-600 ml promotion rate and up to 300 mbar backpressure.

We are still at the very beginning with this project, but so far the results are promising. Lab results show up to 400 ml promotion rate and 90 mbar backpressure – still the dimensions of the mp6 remain! Plus: it will be noiseless.

Visit our website for more information about our products or contact us via info@bartels-microtechnik.de

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