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Back in 2011 we started working with GENSPEED Biotech, a spin off company of Bio-One Diagnostics GmbH. With our micro pump they developed GENSPEED® MRSA. A diagnostic tool for the qualitative detection of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in the human nasal and pharyngeal smears, inguinal swabs or bacterial culture. 

Worldwide it is the most significant cause of nosocomial infections. GENSPEED® MRSA therefore is a time and cost saving rapid test for low throughput testing applications in hospitals and laboratories. It allows mecA and mecC detection in less than 100 min. A conventional MRSA analysis takes up to 48 hours. That means additional care and treatment costs for the necessary quarantine days.  

An efficient MRSA screening policy not only ensures the well-being of patients. It is also an important economic consideration. Early detection is key to prevent MRSA-associated complications. GENSPEED® MRSA detects both methicillin resistance genes – mecA and mecC.


  • acceleration of the analysis
  • reliable results
  • short turnaround time

Have a look at the GENSPEED® MRSA here:

Our micro pump mp6

The mp6 has two piezo actuators in order to achieve a reliable and reproducible pumping performance. It reaches a back pressure range of up to 600 mbar and shows a good self-priming behavior as well as high bubble tolerance when pumping liquids. Only one material, polyphenylene sulphone (PSSU), is in contact with the pumping fluid.

source: https://www.genspeed-biotech.com/genspeed-biotech.com/hai/2/185/
photo: GENSPEED Biotech GmbH

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