mp6 series characteristics

Q What are the characteristics of the mp6 series?

A The Bartels micropump mp6-series combines two piezo actuators inside a single housing. This pump version joins the established functional principle and central advantages of its parent generation mp5 with its own specific innovative features. The small power pack can handle twice the back pressure the mp5 can cope with, has an increased priming capability and is of higher bubble tolerance, so that even gas-liquid-mixtures can be pumped without problems. Its low power consumption is a further advantage. In the entire pump (mp6, mp6-AIR, mp6-pp) only one material gets into contact with the medium. Now two types of materials are available. In the standard mp6 and mp6-AIR all relevant parts are made of polyphenylsulfone (PPSU), in the mp6-pp out of polypropylene (PP). The mp6-pi has its valve foil out of polyimide (PI) and the other wetted components out of polyphenylsulfone (PPSU).

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