QuadOEM, QuadEVA, QuadKey – The Differences

Q What are the differences between the mp6-QuadOEM, mp6-QuadEVA and mp6-QuadKEY?

A With an electronic from the Quad-series it is possible to control up to four micropumps with one board, i.e. four pieces of mp6‑AIR micropumps. Nevertheless it is also possible to pump liquids, either with the mp6‑AIR; mp6‑pp, mp6-pi or the standard mp6 pump; though the higher frequencies will then not result in a performance boost.

  • The mp6-QuadOEM controller comes in a package similar to an integrated circuit that enables integration into system electronics or on a PCB. The driving frequency, amplitude and also the driving signal is adjustable. Every pump can be activated and deactivated individually. This driver is configured and controlled through an I2C interface.
  • The mp6-QuadEVA board is an alternative for the mp6-EVA board. This board is not based on the mp6-OEM due to the high frequency signal generation. A DC power supply is required. The USB-port allows using some special software to control all four pumps together or separately. This software comes is available with the evaluation board. However, the USB port is not required to operate the board.
  • With the mp6-QuadKEY you can control the mp6-QuadOEM controller through an Arduino Nano or pin compatible microcontroller. An external power supply terminal is available, but the board can also be powered through the microcontroller USB port. It comes with a demo software and a source code (LabView).

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