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Q What type of electronics has Bartels available?

A For laboratory applications, there is the extended micropump control mp-x. It is able to drive one micropump of the mp6-series or two micropumps mp5 with different driving signals, the full range of amplitude and frequency manipulation and has an USB interface.

For quick starting with the micropumps, the evaluation boards mp6-EVA and mp6-QuadEVA offer easy to use controller hardware. The mp6-QuadKEY offers even more flexibility via an Arduino board.

For integration purposes in mobile devices, in devices of small construction sizes and generally onto PCBs of any kind, the OEM driver chips mp6-OEM and mp6-QuadOEM were designed to offer most of the functionality required to drive the micropumps.

The Quad-series is especially designed driving the micropumps for pumping gases. Although the other controllers are also able to do this, they have a frequency limit of about 300 Hz. The Quad-series allows frequencies up to 800 Hz. With higher frequencies, it is possible to achieve more volume flow and more pressure when pumping gases with the micropump mp6-AIR and mp6-AIR-HP. Nevertheless, it is also possible to pump liquids, either with mp6-AIR, mp6-pp or the standard mp6 pump, but the higher frequencies will not result in a performance boost. Another feature is that the Quad-series can drive up to four mp6 pumps.

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