Maximum Pressure Of Micropump mp6

Q Which maximum pressure can the micropump mp6 achieve?

With the current design of the mp6 the maximal pressure to achieve is limited by the actuator. It can generate only a certain force, once this force is reached the actuator doesn’t move anymore. Due to the tolerances of the actuator this force limit is no exact value.

So far we have experienced that – in systems of three serial connected pumps pumping water – a max pressure of 1.6 to 1.7 bar is possible. The last actuator is then strongly bulged out and moves with a very low stroke only. Adding more pumps brought no further pressure gain.

Therefore if more pressure is needed a more powerful actuator would be the best solution. This can be achieved with a smaller diameter of the actuator. It is then generally stiffer than the larger diameter and can generate more force hence more pressure. However, as the actuator stroke goes down with actuator diameter the flow rate goes down with it. It is also possible to have a stronger actuator without changing the membrane diameter, but this will require different actuators, e.g. piezo multilayer bender or piezo stacks. We have some initial concepts here already. For more information please contact us.

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