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Q How does the mp6-QuadOEM controller work?

A The mp6-QuadOEM is a quad-output high-voltage DC-AC converter that drives four mp6 pumps. The device features a 2.7 V to 5.5 V input range that allows the device to accept a variety of sources such as single-cell Li+ batteries. The outputs of the device generate up to 250 VPP for maximum pump performance. The mp6-QuadOEM utilizes a high-frequency spread-spectrum boost converter that reduces the amount of EMI/EFI generated by the circuit. The boost-converter switching frequency is set with an 8-bit register through the I2C interface. The mp6-QuadOEM uses a high-voltage full-bridge output stage to convert the high voltage generated by the boost converter to an AC waveform suitable for driving a piezo membrane pump. An internal register controlled through the I2C interface sets the shape of the output waveform. The output switching frequency for all outputs is set with an 8-bit register through the I2C interface. The mp6-QuadOEM provides a serial digital interface that allows the user to set the peak voltage of each output independently with 5 bits of resolution. The mp6-QuadOEM also provides an adjustable automatic ramping feature that slowly increases or decreases the peak output voltage when the set value is changed. The slew rate of the ramp is set with 3 bits of resolution through the I2C interface and it is independent for each channel. The high-voltage outputs are ESD protected up to ±15 kV Human Body Model, ±8 kV Air Gap Discharge, and ±6 kV Contact Discharge, as specified in IEC 61000-4-2.

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