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Q How does the mp6-QuadKEY board work?

A The mp6-QuadKEY is an evaluation board that allows to control up to four mp6 micropumps simultaneously with various waveforms, frequencies ranging from 50 Hz up to 800 Hz and amplitudes from 10 Vpp to 250 Vpp. The mp6-QuadKEY has the mp6-QuadOEM and an Arduino nano compatible microcontroller onboard. Both can be fully configurated by the user to fit the required application demands. The pump driver outputs of the mp6-QuadOEM are wired to four Molex flex cable connectors so that Bartels Mikrotechnik micropumps (mp6/mp6-AIR/mp6-PP) can be directly attached. The mp6-QuadOEM is connected to the microcontroller through the I2C bus. Most of the microcontroller I/O pins are externally connectable through a pin header and/or the prototyping area on the bottom side of the board. A mini-USB connector on the microcontroller can be used to supply power, upload software and for serial communication. An external power supply connector is also available to power the board from an external source.

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  1. This is unclear about what can be done. Are all 4 pumps run at same at same frequency and waveform?
    Are all 4 pumps always on a the same time but individually adjustable for different frequency and wave forms?
    Can all pumps be individually controlled (0, 1, 2, 3, 4 on) and each has its own pump settings?

    1. Hey David!

      The QuadOEM has only one signal-generator, so 4 pumps are operated with the same frequency and wave form.
      The individual control for each pump can be achieved via the amplitude.
      You can also activate/deactivate each pump separately by setting its amplitude to zero.

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