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Nebulization – Bartels’ mini micro pump

Jana Grothe/ August 21, 2017/ Applications/ 0 comments

Nebulization might be one of the most important and also interesting fields you can use our mp6 mini micro pump for. There are many different applications that require reliable technology. Technology not only being used by professionals but the average customer, or more likely: a patient! For example, inhalators are used for nebulizing liquid drugs to treat pulmonary diseases. We’re

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Micropumps in Small Appliances and Consumer Products

Jana Grothe/ June 13, 2017/ Applications/ 0 comments

Most of you will have ironed a piece of clothing at least once in their lifetime, but have you ever thought about how steam is produced and relieved in an iron? You may also have had to visit a loved one in a hospital and saw signs guiding you towards a hand sanitizer to keep you safe from germs, same

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