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Operating The mp6-QuadKEY Board

Admin/ April 24, 2018/ Electronics/ 2 comments

Q How does the mp6-QuadKEY board work? A The mp6-QuadKEY is an evaluation board that allows to control up to four mp6 micropumps simultaneously with various waveforms, frequencies ranging from 50 Hz up to 800 Hz and amplitudes from 10 Vpp to 250 Vpp. The mp6-QuadKEY has the mp6-QuadOEM and an Arduino nano compatible microcontroller onboard. Both can be fully configurated by

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Operating The mp6-QuadOEM

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Q How does the mp6-QuadOEM controller work? A The mp6-QuadOEM is a quad-output high-voltage DC-AC converter that drives four mp6 pumps. The device features a 2.7 V to 5.5 V input range that allows the device to accept a variety of sources such as single-cell Li+ batteries. The outputs of the device generate up to 250 VPP for maximum pump performance. The

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Technical Specification Of mp6-OEM Controller

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Q What are the technical specification of the mp6-OEM controller? A This controller IC is designed for the integration of the pump into a small space. The compact design allows a broad variety of application fields. Due to the optimized energy consumption it is possible to create unplugged systems. Battery operation allows mobile applications. Please note that the mp6-OEM is not equipped

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Bartels Pump Control Units

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Q What type of electronics has Bartels available? A For laboratory applications, there is the extended micropump control mp-x. It is able to drive one micropump of the mp6-series or two micropumps mp5 with different driving signals, the full range of amplitude and frequency manipulation and has an USB interface. For quick starting with the micropumps, the evaluation boards mp6-EVA and mp6-QuadEVA

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Operation Of mp6-EVA Board

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Q How can the micropump mp6 be controlled with the mp6-EVA board? A The evaluation board enables the use of one micropump of the mp6-series based on the mp6-OEM controller. Next to present standard parameter (270 Vpp, 100 Hz) the mp6-EVA also allows to adjust the pump parameters with the use of three jumpers directly on board of the mp6-EVA board. Jumper

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