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Operation Pressure Range Of Micropump mp6

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Q What is the operation pressure range of the micropump mp6? A The allowed differential pressure (inside pump to surrounding) is roughly 1.2 bar (120 kPa). However we have found that pumps could withstand 2 bars too, but we can’t guarantee this as we don’t have so much data about this. However, if higher pressures are applied instantly the pump may be destroyed; slow

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Pressure Ranges For Storage Of Micropump mp6

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Q In which pressure ranges can the micropump be stored? A If the pressure is the same inside and outside the pump, i.e. one tube connector is open to the surrounding, you can store it at any pressure you want. When the pump is inside a bag with some air and the bag is put under pressure this will be the same.

Inner Volume Of Micropump mp6

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Q What is the inner volume of the mp6 micropump? A The approximate volumes are the following:   mp6 max. pump stroke (100 Hz, 250 V, SRS) ~ 1.6 µl dead volume (100 Hz, 250 V, SRS) ~ 3.5 µl total inner volume ~ 27 µl  

Dosing System With mp6 Micropump

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Q Is the micropump mp6 a dosing system? A The micropump mp6 is a system to convey a certain volume of fluids over time. The flow rate is adjustable by frequency and amplitude changes of the piezo actuator. Only if the outer conditions are very stable the micropump can be used for dosing either controlled directly or in combination with a timer

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Operating Gas With Particles

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Q Is it possible to promote gas with particles with the mp6-AIR micropump? A We don’t have data on particle effects with the mp6-AIR micropump. The mp6-AIR is also possible to pump liquids. In general the mp6-AIR is just a standard mp6 pump, only tested especially for air performance, not every mp6 achieves the air specification due to part and production tolerances.

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