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There is a brand new tutorial on how to achieve low flow rates on our YouTube! If you need more detailed instructions visit our guideline on how to operate micro pumps at low flow rates. For an in depth view there is an application_note for you! Still have further questions? Use our contact form on our website! We are always

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A Guide on Bartels’ Micropumps

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Depending on the very different factors, changes of an application can vary greatly.  Bartels offers a whole range of micro pumps, each and every one designed to perfectly fit your specific needs. Starting with the mp5, the smallest and lightest pump available. Its low power consumption and tiny size makes the mp5 the perfect pump to be fully integrated into

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Priming the mp6 micropump series

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Generally, there is no need to prime any of the micro pumps from the mp6 series. As they’re self-priming there are no preparations needed before usage. The testing conditions are: suction pressure < 10 mbar DI water settings mp-x: 100 Hz, 250V, SRS Normally the mp6 series is able to prime even with higher suction pressures. If, for any reason,

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14th Dortmund MST Conference

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At the 14h Dortmund MST Conference on the 5th of July Dr. Bartels will have a talk about the difficulties may occurring during measuring in micro technology, especially with medical applications. The conference will focus on “Individualized Healthcare Solutions” and present components, devices and methods of micro- and nanoengineering. You will have the chance to talk to the team of

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Micropumps in Small Appliances and Consumer Products

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Most of you will have ironed a piece of clothing at least once in their lifetime, but have you ever thought about how steam is produced and relieved in an iron? You may also have had to visit a loved one in a hospital and saw signs guiding you towards a hand sanitizer to keep you safe from germs, same

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