How viscosity influences the mp6 performance

Jana Grothe/ June 8, 2017/ Micropumps/ 0 comments

Viscosity has a huge impact on the overall performance of the Bartels mp6 micro pump. The mp6 is able to pump up to 120 mPas. Flow rate and pressure performance reach their maximum at approximately 150 Hz. The higher the viscosity of the liquid the lower the flow rate will be, also the optimal frequency to pump the liquid will

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Sound emission – micropump mp6 and mp6-AIR

Jana Grothe/ May 18, 2017/ Micropumps/ 0 comments

The micropumps from Bartels Mikrotechnik GmbH are suitable for pumping liquids and gases for a variety of different applications. For some applications it is important to have a sound level as low as possible. Bartels has measured the mp6 and the mp6-AIR micropump under different circumstances. For further information and detailed results about our micropumps please have a look at our

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Bartels microComponents – Controller Overview

Admin/ April 20, 2017/ Electronics/ 0 comments

Bartels Mikrotechnik has different electronics available in order to evaluate the micropumps. For laboratory applications, there is the extended micropump control mp-x. It is able to drive one micropump mp6, mp6‑pp or mp6-AIR or two micropumps mp5 with different driving signals, the full range of amplitude and frequency manipulation and has an USB interface. For quick starting with the micropumps,

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Driving the micropump mp6 at low flow rates

Admin/ April 20, 2017/ Micropumps/ 0 comments

Driving the Bartels mp6 micropump with the controller mp-x at 100 Hz with 250 V, flow rates of typ. 7 ml/min and backpressure of typ. 600 mbar can be achieved. The flow rate of the pump is a linear dependency on the pressure. At 0 mbar pressure the maximum pump rate can be achieved and at the maximum pressure the flow rate

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